Training and professional qualification:


One of the most specific activity of Uni-Weld is its training and development center in which staff
(own or external) can be qualified, welding procedure or equipment can be developed, training can be held.

We design our trainings according our customers necessities, we can give them in our own installations
or in their installations.


Trainings are prepared for experimented staff as well as people who wants to get primary knowledge
in distinct welding process.


According to standards, the most usual processes are:


  • Process 111:    Manual arc welding with coated stick.
  • Process 121:    Submerged arc welding with massive wire (partially automatic).
  • Process 135:   MIG/MAG welding with massive wire.
  • Process 136:   MIG/MAG welding with tubular wire.
  • Process 141:   TIG welding with massive wire (rod).

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